“The roots of the Benin guitarist add a distinctly different sensitivity to the track “Hanna Is Here”. Here Loueke finds a natural partner in Juhasz. The drummer has worked extensively with Ibrahima Cheikh Fall in Euro-African Playground and his playing is noticeably colored by the African sensibility.” Franpi Barriaux, Citizen Jazz Review of ‘Pannon Blue’

“Underlying the flowing freedom of the improvisations is the almost surgical accuracy in the execution, due in big part to Juhasz’s playing which responds to every rhythmic detour with ease.” Balint Bereczki, Jazzma.hu Concert Review of Bacso Kristof Triad feat. Gilad Hekselman

“What the CDs didn’t quite capture was the prodigious technique of drummer Juhasz. Whether working out with sticks, brushes or just hands he left the listeners awestruck.” Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here Review of the Alan Benzie Trio’s Newcastle Concert

Juhasz plays a big part in this group’s ability to leave a genuinely satisfying impression. Without ever dominating the sound, he offers support, a clear sense of direction and a compact range of colours.” Rob Adams Review of Alan Benzie’s ‘Traveller’s Tales’

“Piano Bench is a uniformly fine disc with everything to offer in pushing boundaries.” C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz Review of ’Piano Bench’


Marton Juhasz’s career began in 2005 when he won national first prize for solo percussion in Hungary. In 2006 he studied at Drumtech, London where he was awarded prize for top overall student. In 2007 he was accepted to Berklee College of Music, Boston and graduated summa cum laude in 2011. In 2010 he was the recipient of the Foundation for Hungarian Percussion Culture’s yearly award. After returning from the United States in 2012 Marton has been active in Europe and has had the opportunity to work with musicians such as Lionel Loueke, Gilad Hekselman, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Perico Sambeat, Byron Wallen, Jorge Rossy, Christian Muthspiel, Daniele Camarda, Matthieu Michel, Iain Ballamy, Domenic Landolf, Arne Huber, Nikki Iles, Josephine Davies, Peter King, Bela Szakcsi Lakatos, Szymon Mika, Robert Szakcsi Lakatos, Kenji Herbert, Song Yi Jeon, Patrick Joray, Yves Theiler, Matyas Gayer, Kristof Bacso, Pino Zortea, Viktor Toth, Mark Nightingale, Stefan Gottfried, Moritz Renner, Niko Seibold, Daniel Szabo, Marton Fenyvesi, Will Bartlett. Nikoletta Szoke, Raphael Jost, Jozsef Barcza Horvath, Matyas Szandai, Ondrej Stveracek, Baptiste Stanek, Mike Gotthard, Yumi Ito, George Crowley, Aron Talas, Rob Luft, Gabor Bolla, Cesar Joaniquet, Vinicius Gomes, Alan Benzie, Fabian Willmann, Arpad Tzumo, Chris Wiesendanger and Tal Arditi. In 2014 and 2015 Marton was voted ‘Drummer of the Year’ on the JazzMa online readers’ poll. In 2017 ‘Pannon Blue’ featuring Lionel Loueke won ‘Best Hungarian Jazz Album’ in the Gramofon Awards. In 2017 Marton became the first person to hold the drum chair of the prestigious Focusyear Ensemble in Basel directed by Wolfgang Muthspiel. During the one year program the band received intensive coaching from some of the most respected names in contemporary jazz: Guillermo Klein, Jeff Ballard, Django Bates, Theo Bleckmann, Avishai Cohen, Larry Grenadier, Dave Holland, Lionel Loueke, Adrian Mears, Joshua Redman, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Gwilym Simcock, Becca Stevens, Steve Swallow & Mark Turner. In 2018 the Alan Benzie Trio’s second album ‘Little Mysteries’ won the ‘Best Album’ prize at the Scottish Jazz Awards. In 2019 Marton joined Christian Muthspiel’s Orjazztra Vienna. In 2019 Marton recorded ‘Luna’ with Jorge Rossy on vibraphone. In 2019 Marton self released “Discovery”, his second record as a leader. The album garnered exceedingly positive reviews from critics and artists alike. In November 2021, Marton recorded a studio album with the Theiler-Mezgolits-Juhasz Trio with an audience for SRF radio. The album was released in April 2023 on the Montreux TCB label. In February 2022, Marton recorded an album for Kristof Bacso with Aron Talas & Daniele Camarda for the BMC Records label. In September 2022 Marton accompanied the International Jazzhaus Piano Competition in Freiburg. In September 2022 “Christian Muthspiel & Orjazztra Vienna – Homecoming” was released on Emarcy / Universal Music. Since 2022 Marton is a student at the FHNW and is completing his Master in Music Pedagogy. Since 2022 Marton is member of the Basel Jazz Orchestra and he also regularly appears with the Tis Jazz Orchestra as part of the Atlantis Jazz Festival in Basel. Highlight performances of recent years include:

Astana & Almaty Jazz Festivals, Kazakhstan – with Kristof Bacso Triad (2023)

Blues Festival @ Volkshaus / Basel / Switzerland – Daschenka Project (2022)

La Strada Festival, Opera Graz – with Christian Muthspiel & Orjazztra Vienna (2022)

Sunset, Girona – with the Jorge Rossy Vibes Quartet (2020)

Malaga Jazz Festival – Yuri Storione Quartet feat. Perico Sambeat (2019)

SESC Jazz Festival, São Paulo, Brazil – Kristof Bacso Triad (2019)

Tabernacle, London – with Byron Wallen & Rob Luft (2018)

London Jazz Festival – with the Alan Benzie Trio (2018)

Vienna Jazz Festival – with the Focusyear Band (2018)

Porgy & Bess, Vienna – with the Kristof Bacso Triad feat. Gilad Hekselman (2018)

Die Unterfahrt, München – as part the Alan Benzie Trio Album Release Tour (2018)

Volkshaus Basel – with the Focusyear Band feat. Wolfgang Muthspiel (2017)

The Jazz Dock, Prague – with the Matyas Gayer Trio feat. Ondrej Stveracek (2016)

Opus Jazz Club, Budapest – with the Kristof Bacso Triad feat. Lionel Loueke – Live CD Recording (2015)

Jazzycolors Festival, Paris – as leader (2015)

Club 606, London – with Peter King (2011), with Gareth Williams & Yuri Golubev (2015)

Saransk Jazz Festival – with the Kristof Bacso Quartet feat. Kornel Fekete Kovács (2014)

Palace of Arts, Budapest – with Mark Nightingale & Budapest Jazz Orchestra (2014)

The Standard, Copenhagen – with Benjamin Koppel (2014)

Mosaic Jazz Festival, Sibiu – with Nikoletta Szőke, Robert Lakatos & Jozsef Barcza Horvath (2014)

B-flat, Berlin – with Viktor Toth (2013)

Hungarian National Radio, Budapest – with Sandor Lakatos ‘Soso’ (2010)