Thanks for visiting my website! I’m thrilled to announce my upcoming record “Metropolis”. The mixing and mastering work is finally finished, I’m now in the negotiation process with some labels. Here is a track as a preview for the album, I hope you enjoy it!

I released my last effort “Discovery” in 2019 to great critical acclaim, here are some reviews of the album:

“An energetic and finely balanced album, that blends eight individual voices into an intelligent compositional web.” Wolfgang Muthspiel

“I left my week in Basel with Marton Juhasz appreciative of his considerable artistry as a drummer, but unaware that he is also a composer and bandleader of such accomplishment. ‘Discovery’ changes that – this is a finely crafted recording of inspired writing, to which the band responds with skill and passion.” Steve Swallow

“Discovery is a perfect album..” Krzysztof Komorek, Donos Kulturalny

“it’s jazz with grit, with sadness and unsettling energy, and it captivates” Stereo Stickman

If this is the product of being in the workshop, we can have high expectations regarding the upcoming premiere. 4.5/5″ Kornél Zipernovszky, Magyar Narancs

“The album is full of strong ideas. 93%” Jan Hocek,

“The genius and the promise of this young man drips from every note on Discovery.” Marc Phillips, Part-Time Audiophile

“Tasteful and meticulous arrangements with interwoven rhythms and wordless singing with a real sense of freedom.”
Andreas Lagercrantz,

“Moving nimbly en masse through transitions such as that on “The Curve,” the musicians issue statements through the respective instruments that are invariably articulate, carefully punctuated for maximum emphasis, the end result of which invites close concentrated listenings to exact the details.” Doug Collette, All About Jazz

“Some of the songs have a lyrical starting point but quickly develop enormous momentum. Then there are gorgeous mood pieces such as the mysterious and intense ‘Wolves gather under a winter moon’. Like I said: a Discovery” Ssirus W. Pakzad, JazzThing

“Instruments and voice merge into a satisfying whole. (…) Warm sound waves surround the listener until the last note.” Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther,

“[The music is] homogeneous, precise, committed and contemporary – an octet of exceptionally talented musicians! 4/5”
Steff Rohrbach, Jazz’N’More

“His writing is ethereal, melodic and concept driven. (…) Art music at its best.”
Jae Sinnett, WHRV

“Hungarian drummer and percussionist Marton Juhasz is a great promise for the contemporary Hungarian and European jazz scene. (…) Juhasz’s emphasis is on simpler phrases, more fragmented sections with a distinct melodicism and clear structure. It’s a contrasting response to the overwrought experimental flicks of today.”
Peter Dobšinský,